Sunday, October 2, 2011

yadi yada.

went for a fast food feast with lover face today.
decided on mcdonald's, i was planning on only getting a parfait and maybe a strawberry pie and then i saw their monopoly promo sign.
i get hooked on that every year and of course never win anything besides free food that i never use.
whilst waiting for our food, lover face was teasing me how i fall for mcdonald's scheme every time.
my response was something like "you'll be sorry when i roll around in my million dollars".
he started laughing and continued to tease me even more, but was saying it even louder.
i had to shush him immediately because the servers were right thurrrr.

yesterday was our seven year anniversary!
we celebrated by basking in each other's company with a day of nothingness and ended it with a nice dinner at mccormick and schmick's.

i lavarr you sir!