Monday, December 26, 2011


went through some photos on my laptop and found pictures i took at dosa
my classmates and wonderful professor carol shaw-sutton went to the one located on the 12th floor on broadway spring 2011... it was one of cherries to the end of my undergraduate career.

patience, there are over 60 photos. 
also, the photos aren't 'in order' they are uploaded in the order i took the photos. 

the doorway we came from. 

 i believe these hearts were of course hand-stitched, but i don't remember where they're from. i'm going to guess mexico...

 handmade to the tee. 
the fabrics were woven together from hand-spun thread.


running stitches.


 looking out.

 i spy a roof-top garden.

another bojagi-inspiration. 
love how it was put up against windows. 
inspired me to do the same at home with my old bojagi project. 
i believe they said the patterns were a map of some place, then after all the hand-stitching the pieces were screen-printed with silhouettes of cacti.

 taj mahal lego, awesome.

 carol is a wizard. she will always share her wisdom.

 himalayan salt. 

 strolling through the parking lot. 

 i want that sign. 

caught you tina
i think this picture is when we migrated elsewhere.

and i parked in the lot with the banksy tag.

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